Jump Into the Future!

Disrupting smart mobility. Less cars, more Cangoroo.

Jump Into the Future!

Disrupting smart mobility. Less cars, more Cangoroo.

We’re bringing shared pogo sticks to every street corner of the world.

Literally jump on a Cangoroo anytime and cruise your way through the city.

Fun. Healthy. Convenient. 100% emission free.

Soon in a city near you

Soon in a city near you

Launching summer 2019

Help us put your city on the map

We’re very excited to offer our mobility service in your city but as you know, Rome wasn’t built in a day. University representative? City ambassador? Cangoroo fan? Let us know where to jump next!

Cangoroo in the media

Our mission

Cangoroo was founded for one simple reason: To change our world for the better.

As we’re very well aware that a few people can’t do everything, our belief is that everyone can do something. Our contribution came to be Cangoroo- a shared pogo stick service that will disrupt the way we look at mobility in urban areas. Forever.

Making urban commuting car-free and sustainable. Connecting people and cultures. Helping people stay healthy. One Cangoroo at a time.

This is how you Cangoroo

1. Find a Cangoroo

2. Press the button

3. Scan QR code

Why Cangoroo?


Cangoroo will take you places where a car can’t. And there’s no need to find a parking spot, simply lock it and leave it wherever.


The first wealth is health. Burn 15-20 kCal/min while commuting. Compared to 0,7 kCal/min while driving a car/e-scooter.


How often do you burst into spontaneous laughter while driving a car? We believe that having fun is a human right.


Great respect for Mother Earth. 100% emission free and a lifespan of 16-24 months (up to 10x longer than comparable shared mobility services).

Modern pricing

Sharing economy at its finest.

One-off fee to unlock your Cangoroo


Jump fee per minute


Temporarily park your Cangoroo


Cangoroo Club Rules

When we jump, we jump for love.

Obey the law

Follow traffic rules and local regulations with a smile.

Show respect

Care for other people. Don’t jump on them. Just don’t.

Use protection

Always use protection, such as a helmet, when jumping.

No highways

Jump in bike lanes, pedestrian streets or in the city park.

Love your pogo stick

And most importantly, love yourself.​

No passengers

Only one jumper per pogo stick is allowed.​


How much does it cost to Cangoroo?

It costs $1 to unlock a pogo stick, and then you pay per used minute. The price per minute is $0,3. Prices may vary depending on your location.

Why is Cangoroo good for my city?

We strongly believe that the climate threats are something to take very seriously and are convinced that one person can’t do it all, but everyone can do something. Our contribution is to bring about change in cities all over the world and change everyday behavior when it comes to moving shorter distances in the inner city.

Cangoroo and our pogo sticks offer a quicker alternative to walking, a more convenient alternative to having a bicycle and a more environmentally friendly alternative to cars and e-scooters.

Will the Cangoroo app be available on all devices?

Initially, the Cangoroo app will be available for iPhone/ iOS and Android.

Is Cangoroo an environmental-friendly company?

You bet! We are striving for enabling a more environmentally sustainable alternative to many other ways of transportation. Each pogo stick has an expected lifespan of 16-24 which is up to 10x longer than similar shared commuting services. Our long-term vision is to find a way to manufacture our pogo sticks from >50% recycled materials.

How are you handling my user data I enter and generate by using Cangoroo?

Your data privacy is of the highest importance to us. We will never sell or share your data with any third party.

Am I insured using Cangoroo or do I need my own insurance?

In most countries, Cangoroo is classified as walking, meaning the vehicle does not have any Motor Third Party Insurance. In the very unlikely event of causing yourself any damage while jumping on the Cangoroo, this should, in most cases, be covered by your own insurance. To be on the safe side, We’ll recommend you to double-check with your specific insurance company (and to always use a helmet :)).

Am I allowed to operate Cangoroo under the influence of alcohol or any other substances?

We highly recommend you to use Cangoroo when you’re sober and to wear a helmet. When using a Cangoroo, you’ll be high enough on life itself 🙂

How do I pay?

In the Cangoroo app, secure payments are being made through Klarna. You’ll also be able to pre-fill your Cangoroo account (using either Klarna, Mastercard or Visa).

The Team

Those who don’t jump will never fly.

Follow our journey:


Our adress:

℅ ODD Company
Davidshallsgatan 21
211 45 Malmö

Get in touch:




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